The Economic and Fiscal Impacts of the Distilling Industry in Kentucky

This is the fourth statewide study of the distilling industry that the Urban Studies Institute (USI) has conducted for the Kentucky Distillers’ Association (KDA) since 2009. The current study updates and expands on our three previous studies, offering an examination of the growth in the distilling industry, the industry’s impact on the state’s agricultural sector, its contribution to state and local government tax revenues and the economic impact of Bourbon tourism. Read the complete report.

The Economic Importance of the Military in Kentucky

Military activity in the Kentucky area has long been a major source of employment for Kentucky residents, of business for Kentucky companies, and tax revenues for state and local governments. This report summarizes the results of USI’s fifth investigation into the economic importance of the military in Kentucky. Read the report here.

The Economic Impact of the Automotive Industry in Kentucky

A new report commissioned by the Kentucky Automotive Industry Association examines the widespread and growing impact of the automotive industry in the Commonwealth. Read the full report here.

Economic Impacts of Medicaid Expansion

In this 2015 update, the economic impacts of expanding Medicaid eligibility to 138% of the federal poverty line are examined by USI researchers.  Read the report here.

Economic and Fiscal Impacts of the Distilling Industry in Kentucky

A new USI study commissioned by the Kentucky Distillers’ Association and the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund shows the bourbon industry has grown in economic importance to the Commonwealth of Kentucky. See the full report here.