Janet Kelly, PhD | Brief Biography | Email: | Phone: (502) 852-2435
 Executive Director

Janet is a Professor of Urban and Public Affairs and the Executive Director of the Urban Studies Institute.  She spent ten years in state and local government finance prior to her academic career. State and local finance, along with regional economics, remains the focus of her research. She is the Census Bureau’s Business and Industry Data Center (BIDC) leader for Kentucky.



Paul Coomes, PhD | Brief Biography | Email:
 Emeritus Professor

Paul is a retired Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of Louisville and a special consultant to USI.  His area of expertise is regional economics, especially Kentucky and the Louisville region.  Paul has been informing policy decisions through applied research in Louisville for 25 years, making him one of the most knowledgeable and experienced economists in the Commonwealth.



Ryan Marshall | Email:
 Graduate Research Assistant

Ryan is a Master of Urban Planning student who comes to USI from the University of Arkansas with a double major in Finance and Political Science and a double minor in Economics and Urban Planning. His previous experience includes an internship as an urban planner in Bentonville, AR and an analyst with a venture capital firm.



Matt Ruther, PhD | Brief Biography | Email: Phone: (502) 852-8151
 Director (KSDC)

Matt is an Assistant Professor of Urban and Public Affairs and the Director of the Kentucky State Data Center.  He received his PhD in Demography from the University of Pennsylvania, and was previously employed as a Research Associate at the University of Colorado Boulder.  His research focuses on small area population estimates, the geographic distribution and temporal analysis of population, and the incorporation of spatial methodologies into the study of social and demographic processes.



Tom Sawyer | Brief Biography | Email: Phone: (502) 852-8913
 Research Manager (KSDC)

Tom is a Research Manager for the Kentucky State Data Center and Kentucky’s liaison for the population estimates program at the Census Bureau.  Tom regularly contributes his knowledge of Census data and data extraction tools to USI’s research efforts. Tom is an excellent statistician and advises USI on research design and data analysis. 



Sarah Ehresman | Brief Biography | Email: Phone: (502) 852-7990
 Research Coordinator (KSDC)

Sarah is a research coordinator for the Kentucky State Data Center and contributes her expertise in GIS, regional economics, and vital statistics to USI. When you send a message through the USI website, Sarah will respond to your inquiry or forward it to the right staff member for a response.